Updating escd phoenix award bios 6 0pg

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You need to have your boot drive on the primary ribbon cable with the jumpers set to master and it should be placed on the end of the ribbon cable. heavy computer usage would be under computer gaming only and not online gaming, just plain solo play.

The other drive on that cable needs to have jumpers set to slave and be on the middle connector. as far as potential virus threats are concerned, my Asquared Free and AVG proved helpful for more than a year now as it detected and quarantined low-risk viruses (from traceware cookies) and USB.

SYMPTOMS: Right after i clicked that Miles sound option, my pc auto-restarted and after several attempts but POST msgs, i decided to reformat.

i set maxtor as primary slave along the Y/split 40-pin ribbon cable and the Quantum at the end as primary master.

i was almost impatient 'cos it took a long time to boot and i got black screen twice in transition and finally the windows logo.

i have yet to check when i get home if it will have a positive effect on the boot.

i still hope it's not with the disk this problem is 'cos i can't afford to buy a replacement and the last disk utility i ran to it "reassured" me with positive results in the 3 factors (i remember 3 disk check criteria). and no heavy duty work save for the past year when i started loading and playing shooter games and Real-time strategy games. i also used it for internet but no porn site visits (where i believed most viruses come from).

i never got to see the windows i installed, only up to the BIOS and Pre-POST screens. CTRL ALT DEL to restart" nothing through it ACTION: 1. Success" and "Boot from CD.." (that's when i thought of reintroducing the cd with cute partiiton manager software) NOte *IS THERE A WAY TO MOVE THE MIDDLE PLUG/GREY JUST ENOUGH TO REACH TO THE BACK OF THE DVD?

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