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If a customer was truly ‘valued’, the company would have made the effort to include the individual’s name and put it at the top of the letter.If you don’t have the customer’s name on file, beginning with Sir/Madam is a much more appropriate – and less offensive – option.The structure of expenditures (in case a customer pays with a card) can tell about changes in buying behavior while loan applications or purchased bonds can alert to customers’ personal financial goals.A retail bank can also benefit from monitoring social networks to identify customer life changes, such as a change of the marital status or a new occupation.Otherwise, it simply makes customer communications irrelevant.In fact, according to the Experian research, 97% of the U. companies suffer from common errors associated with contact data.In fact, Facebook is the best source on customers’ everyday lives whereas Linked In helps to track major updates in customers’ careers.

If a retail bank does not succeed in achieving and maintaining a high quality of customer data, the potential of CRM cannot be fully realized.Changes in the banking industry are not only inevitable, but happen more frequently than even 20 years ago due to increased pace of financial operations.Whether people change jobs, relocate to a new place, change the marital status or retire, a banking CRM system should reflect all these changes since they influence promotion activities and risk assessment.Here are 26 Tips to Personalise Customer Experience Lots of companies try to dress up bad news as good news. Here is an example where Snapfish say: “To ensure you get a better experience on the new website, your old projects (photo books, calendars, etc.) will not be moved across.Moving old to new is not always possible, so starting afresh on the new website is the best way to go.” I have never thought that losing data will ensure that I get a ‘better experience’.

One of the most common data errors is outdated information mentioned by 48% of respondents, and it’s at least 10-20% of data becoming inaccurate or outdated each year.

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