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Delta include small size while whole build unpack the big file using PC or Mac on my experience I have 2 i Phone's updating via i Tunes the file size to each device is completely different i Phone 5 1.5Gb i Phone 5S 1.7Gb and I would understand that for newer i OS devices is to much larger ADVICE from apple Tech support If there is a problem after installing the delta update OTA, restoring the i Phone with i Tunes to install the whole build for the update may resolve the problem.

The most common problems are: Battery life, Wi/Fi Problem, Blue Tooth Issue, or Software Bug.

What the phone does is download what we call the delta update, that is, it only downloaded files it needs.

The delta update takes longer, about 10-15 minutes whereas the update with i Tunes once you download then later choose it, let's say if you need to restore your phone, takes only about 5. I've never had a single issue with using over-the-air updates.

The difference is which files are replaced--with the i Tunes update, it replaces all of the OS files even if some of them are the same copies that were present prior to the update.

While I can't say as I know this, I assume the larger file is there to do a complete replacement, rather than a patch.

The full installer will replace all files, and likely replace the unexpectedly modified file, restoring compatibility.

ACCESSIBILITY Using i Tunes you are able to know the situation in which the update process extracting, installing, verifying software with apple, i Phone rebooting and all those details that updating over the Air or OTA couldn't announce While keeps silence through this process only show the apple logo on the screen and some progress indicater but impossible to read for voice Over it takes about 10 minutes or less. I hit the download only option then save the ipsw somewhere else.

Please share wich way would be a better option to go with for updating i OS.

Given that Apple allows people to update i OS either way, they are both good choices.

Is there any difference between the end result of downloading through Itunes ?

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