Updating an older bathroom updating dataset with gridview

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It’s only four feet by nine feet and over the years, this 50 year old bathroom has seen a little attention in an attempt to upgrade it with a new cultured marble shower stall that was installed a few years ago and they tried to make the floor look better with a very inexpensive peel and stick tile, and a few other little cosmetic things were done here with the vanity and possibly a new toilet.Now, our plan for this bathroom is to take a very modest approach and replace just about everything in the bathroom with the exception of the cultured marble shower which just a little bit of work on that and that’ll look great.This week, we’re going to makeover a small, dated bathroom to give the clean, modern look, but we don’t have an unlimited budget so we’re going to show you how to get the most from a few trips to the home center and a lot of elbow grease.Now a fairly typical older bathroom and very, very small.A shower is sometimes the ONLY place we can get a few precious, solitary, quiet moments.

Truth be told, if you examine the spots on the very closely, the touch up finish is not completely perfect. But, in general, I was pretty darn pleased with the results! It was stinky, but after a weekend of some effort, our tub and tile shower surround is bright and white and refreshed…all for about .DON’T RUB HARD, or you’ll be doing this project twice.Even after this process, those vertical areas were not perfect., but goes on with a regular old paintbrush (that you will have to throw out after completing this project).I wish I could have simply rolled it on, but it wasn’t getting between the tiles that way, so I ended up painting the grids (vertical and horizontal grout lines) with a paintbrush. Now, I have no illusions that this will be a lifetime fix.

Applying to vertical surfaces proved a bit challenging…sometimes gravity is not our friend.

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