Updating an old rdram dell

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I heard that BFG had a limited life time warranty so I decided to go with one of their cards, specifically the BFG Tech BFGR62256OC Ge Force 6200 256MB 64-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X Video Card.

Given that the machine was approaching the decade mark in age I decided to replace the power supply.

February 19, 2010After the generally positive experience of building my new gaming rig in December 2009 I convinced my wonderful wife that she really needed a new computer (well I doubt I actually convinced her but she was nice enough to play along).

I bought an updated CPU cooler from the Ebay guy I got the new P4 CPU from.

I took one break to help put the kids to bed but worked pretty much straight through until AM.

The first step was a complete cleaning of the case with a vacuum, air duster cans, and some 409.

Completely stock pc, Dell Dimension 1100 purchased in '06 with an Intel Celeron 325 (2.53GHz) processor and 512MB memory.

Downloaded CPU-Z and it looks like 2GB done with 2 - 1GB cards is the max.

So I'm looking at upgrading 512MB (2x256MB) DDR - Crucial suggests up to a 2GB kit with 2-1GB cards for $65.99.

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