Updating 2016 desktop windows 98

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Although the description for the Windows Time Service indicates that disabling it may prevent other services from loading, I'm not currently aware of any such services that do actually require it.If you're not using Net Time as a time server, disabling the Windows Time Service is optional, but there shouldn't be any harm in disabling it to save a bit of RAM.The Net Time project has been resurrected by myself, Mark Griffiths, and I'm now making an updated version available here: If you find Net Time useful, please consider making a donation to show your appreciation and to encourage further development of Net Time!

If you are using Net Time to act as a time server, you will need to disable the built in Time Service in Windows first.If you uninstall the old version first, you will need to restart your computer before starting the new installer.Net Time is failing to sync - it reports that all servers failed: The most common cause of this error is that a firewall is blocking the Network Time Protocol (UDP Port 123) between your system and the servers that Net Time is attempting to use.Alternatively, you can try using the latest trial version of Delphi available from Embarcadero.The latest version has been tested with Delphi XE2 Professional: The current version includes an older version of the Internet Component Suite which is not compatible with Unicode versions of Delphi (i.e.

Net Time is syncing, but the time is out by an hour - e.g.

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