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Please Note: If you have a pending domestically filed refugee travel document application, or if you currently possess a valid refugee travel document, you are not eligible to apply for the document abroad. For international offices, this form is usually filed by widow(er)s applying for certain benefits granted to various special categories of individuals eligible for immigration. To request a suitability and eligibility determination for prospective adoptive parents seeking to adopt a foreign-born child. Please request that the Consulate at which you are feeing-in your Form I-600A forward your fee receipt, I-600A submission and fingerprints to USCIS Nairobi.

If you are in USCIS Nairobi's jurisdiction, you may apply for a Refugee Travel Document with the EMEA District Office located in Rome, Italy. If you are not a resident in USCIS Nairobi’s jurisdiction, please file your Form I-600A application with the USCIS Dallas Lockbox in the United States.

If you are a refugee or asylee, you file this to petition for your relative to join you in the United States.

Refugees or asylees file this application in the United States for their qualifying relatives living abroad.

To obtain consent to reapply for admission to the United States after having been deported or removed, or because you unlawfully returned to the United States without admission after a previous removal or after previous unlawful presence.

Those who have been granted an exception to Lockbox filing and given permission to file an associated Form I-601 at an international office, as described in the tab on Form I-601, Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility.

You can find information on intercountry adoptions and procedures in the Adoption section of our website.

Please Note: Kenya is a Hague Adoption Convention country. USCIS Nairobi does not handle processing of forms related to intercountry adoption from a Hague Adoption Convention country.

The office is closed on Kenyan and American holidays. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 2111 or email us at [email protected] To see if there are any special instructions for filing at this office, please see the information under “Filing and Other Special Instructions” within each tab. citizens residing in Kenya filing on behalf of their spouse, unmarried child under the age of 21 or parent (if the U. Petitions from lawful permanent residents and petitions for relatives of U. citizens other than those mentioned in the "Who May File or Receive Service" section must be filed with the Chicago Lockbox. The EMEA District Office will take your fingerprints if you live in Italy. USCIS Nairobi handles citizenship applications only for overseas military personnel and their qualifying family members.Please see the Form I-730 form page for filing instructions.If the beneficiary of a Form I-730 filed with a USCIS service center resides in Kenya, (or in Eritrea or Somalia and requested to be interviewed in Kenya), the petition will be transferred to our office prior to approval.If you are filing to adopt a child from a Hague Adoption Convention Country, you must use Form I-800A and Form I-800 and file with USCIS in the United States. citizen petitioners who reside in the United States but will travel and adopt a child, or obtain legal custody of a child for purposes of emigration and adoption, from a non-Hague Adoption Convention country where the USCIS office is located, or U. citizen petitioners who live within this field office’s jurisdiction and seek to adopt a child from a non-Hague Adoption Convention country.To request orphan classification for a child who either is, or will be, adopted by a U. citizen to allow the child to enter the United States. For more information about filing criteria related to these filing options, please see Form I-600 filing instructions.

Residents of Kenya filing with USCIS Nairobi may submit the petition and supporting evidence in person.

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