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In some cases, I've also tidied-up the articles, by deleting ink stains or smudges, but not a single letter of a single word has been altered in any of the articles reproduced in this book. «■ pjn tndii Tihc Tnr e*H^ h]o II« LVie) rt:i frt In *iih tf I*t i:fc3|h ». T6j*n"i tw limit w\ unr cnnrlrjiw *i 'Alkt Mi^n^hi-u fii Re^ftl Shoe i Manhattan Shkt&_ 3twn Cb«Hl 3. The Czech aptitude for passive resist- ance is drawn to a large extent from the same source tapped by Jewish patience, and one cannot help but feel that the Czechs are firm in their belief that all this is but a transitory phase of their in- dustrial life and that theirs is the feeling that eventually there will be a new liber- ation. Several of the articles in this book have been reproduced from Google-book's 'Snippet View.' In effect, Google permits you to view the page through separate letter-box windows, these images can be captured and pieced together. These Figures Exceed the Number Anticipated Page XXX 6. Abbreviations Page XXX On December 14, 1945, the world learned that six million Jews had been murdered by the Nazis. These, then, are the people over whom the Reich has set up a "protectorate," only because in the free countries there was the fear, not of defeat, but of war itself . But, I'm far from wealthy, so in some cases (particularly for the New York Times archives), I've not reproduced the entire article (most charged at .95 each), but just the free preview, and only quoted from that. Through misery they have grown to understand the futility of individual ex- istence as compared to an ideal for which, to live and die To serve in a cause for the greater good of all humanity would infuse the broken fragments of their lives with new power, would give new mean- ing to their existence. It is not im- possible that pathos and power may give- way to a Frankenstein returned to crush its creator.

63 in the list in this book), and this Zionist obsession was undeniably proven in Don Heddesheimer's superb book The First Holocaust, originally published in 2003. On receiv- ing an amrin alive tnaww they de- manded that { coine down because they wanted me^ My wife pleaded that I had dune nothing wrongr, but to no avail. Wise Max Nordeau llya Ehrenburg Fritz Moritz Warburg Chaim Weizmann Dr. The lot of hundreds of thou- sands of refugees, Christians as well as Jews, shuffled about in an attempt to find new homes* new raison d'etre, is now in- fused with a curious combination of pathos and power* France and Germany have unequivocally placed themselves on record as desiring their services on a mllitarv basis. Nahum Goldmann There is no copyright on this book, in-fact, it breaches copyright laws. " JILt M«— »f4| P M |ir HM» H.^Tf T i'--*lph,4, r--. Germany cannot look to these peo- ple for loyalty in times of crisis i she may expect only a minimum of contribution, and that only by force. Lynch "This is called "the purple earth." It shines with every kind of light that proceeds from hashmal. tit m, Jt il t*r.t Hirl hubmi 4PMi*p r f OT irttirt T H Jii Ll]ions w JJc Eiiitf'y di4E JEWISH RELIEF CAMPAIGN ONEIDA COUNTY HEADQUARTERS 124 Ketnpf Building. In addition, there is the Henrietta Szold School of Nursing started twenty years ago by the founder of Hadassah who is still active in Palestine as the director of the Youth Aliyah (immigration) move- ment* This school will act as a training ground not only for native and refugee Jewish girls but for students from sur- rounding countries as well. " - Zohar Hadash, Yitro, 38d Cover painting: "Moses" (1638), by Jusepe de Ribera Cover photographs (L-R): Rabbi Stephen S. jm ir- _ ■•'ir III—" Striht a Bttlotue end Compart tt With ftfe ocfjieir," Uvp Jl-KM el Ei HUr B El Un-ft w«r*.i*la( j TWEd out rrf u Iitei EBi W Lni Hu Isfji flf Ijtfl R^Ei* ■ liir« Ek-^N r*-:-r'P P'» 1 For Stomal Agony Jil far littiil HM tf-A-U. ASSETS, WE HOPE IN the strange course of events which makes the history of man a living, stir- ring drama, the refugee today plays a major rule.

Hundreds of newspaper articles, photographs, and whole pages of books, are reproduced in this publication without the holders of their copyright even being asked whether they could be used. In France, how- ever, and every other democratic country which has rendered them refuge and hope in their despair, they will serve with all that is within their power, gladly sacri- ficing life, limb and property.

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