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Role of small and intermediate urban centres Population growth is not solely in larger metropolitan centres - the mega cities.The number of small and intermediate sized urban centres are also increasing and also have an important role as links in the marketing system (as explained in Chapter 2).next, the physical facilities that support this network of linkages are reviewed, including communications, as well as the intermediate markets and other infrastructure that facilitate linkages.Produce flows to local, regional and city markets are assessed and an evaluation undertaken of infrastructure improvements needed to meet future demand coming from the urban areas.As shown in Table 1, estimates of urban population increases vary widely, from a doubling to a trebling over a 20-year period.

urbanization is largely unplanned and local authorities generally do not have clear policies on developing facilities to meet their future needs.Access to these markets is often hampered by lack of investment in transport infrastructure and storage facilities.The background to these issues and the relationship to local governance and to livelihood diversification is summarized in Box 2.This enables better prices to be obtained by producers (leading to higher incomes) and improves the availability of competitively priced produce to consumers.Scope of the guide Government policies increasingly recognize the importance of marketing to the commercialization of agriculture and the expansion of agriculture productivity.

Rural populations depend on these urban services, including access to traders and markets to dispose of their agricultural produce and to access the retail stores and other facilities located in local urban centres.

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