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Questions about physical attributes...nothing in the form written down.They also ask for an ADDITIONAL 0 if you want to be a "preferred member" and put you at the front of the line so to speak. Keep in mind YOU SEE NO PICTURE WHATSOEVER OF THE PERSON. I am a selective person and never thought of myself as needing the services of a dating agency.

You may be shocked when you get to the meeting place. Needless to say I went on a few dates, I was nice, but the chemistry wasn't there.I should have suspected when she said that there were 7000 members in new jersey alone, (which sounds like alot) but I realized later that when you break it down, (by age, location, interest etc.) You wind up with very few prospective dates that are actually compatible!It is actually just as much a crapshoot as walking in to a bar scene!Then I called a couple girls and either got no return call or they acted like it creeped them out or I was bothering them.Therefore I can absolutely say it was a waste of money and I feel cheated.

Again like the person above, I met with a counselor who was persuasive and serious and for the mere price of $4000, yes four thousand dollars, I could join and be matched with up to 24 single women in my age group.

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