Two introverts dating

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How about all the issues here on TAM that people have about relationships, from number of past partners to retroactive jealousy, or what's acceptable in other sex friends or flirting?

My wife and I are strongly introverted, but we seldom ran out of things to discuss with each other. Only when we were with other people whom we didn't know well were we quiet(er).

But strangely, I'm more interested in this guy than I've been with anyone in awhile.

Being introverted means we don't just chat about the weather, we have more deep, meaningful conversations - which, if you don't know each other well yet, are a bit hard to strike up at times. I hate to give up on the potential here but I'm wondering if his good looks and our physical chemistry is blinding me to the fact that "it" just isn't there. "But his eye, under his matted forelock, was cool and quiet, for Bagheera was his adviser in this time of trouble, and told him to go quietly, hunt slowly, and never, on any account, to lose his temper." ~Rudyard Kipling "How Fear Came" It could be introversion, early days in the relationship, or perhaps one or both of you are boring! ) Don't you both have pasts with some interesting events, or hobbies, or family drama you can share, at least?

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Its not like he's desperate and hanging on to me because there is no one else.I will take silence, awkward or otherwise, over constant blabbering anytime.I was in a relationship before with a man who was VERY extroverted...always had to be the center of was exhausting! Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. I've started dating a man who is an introvert like me (maybe more so).

Or philosophical discussions, ideas about what you want in a partner for a relationship, boundaries, etc.?

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