Tru and dating

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While thinking about making an app, Alper found that, at least anecdotally, the idea resonated with friends and acquaintances. “We knew that if we didn't have an idea that could really resonate with people and catch on fire, then we we're screwed,” he says.

“You either need to be viral or you need to have a lot of money, and we definitely didn't have a lot of money.” Hater requires a deeper investment than an app like Tinder.

There’s a kind of comedy to liking things that are considered peculiar, like eating until you hurt, or explaining why you’re so deeply in love with bees.

He says this sort of personality gets lost in newer dating apps, and points to sites like OKCupid or

It’s realistic that one of them will hate how loudly the other chews.And such reductive labels encourage people to judge off stereotypes and assumptions rather than complexity and depth.Hater’s inclusion of references like “locker room talk” removes the gray area.At least that’s the logic powering the new dating app, Hater.Founded by Brendan Alper, Hater adds a splash of cynicism to dating.

“They did a pretty good job at putting personality first,” he says.

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