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I was in the Marine Corps, which was my reason for being at that location. Is there anyway that I can find out if that unit was there at that time? He passed away in the late '60's when I was 6 yrs old. Frog, Tood, Shepard were some of those in my company. He was a Seabee stationed in Newfoundland, Moroco, Korea, Spain, and of course Vietnam 66-69(2 tours).the following info: i showed our arrival to Okinawa as August '67. Unfortunately I have very little information since all the relatives that were connected to him have passed on. Sincerely, Liz Lockie (Wylie)chachachik1 at 28te Naval Mobile Construction Batallion Company Bravo. I am retired Army, (1SG) and I am looking for information about my father, Carrol Eugene Simmons, EQCM (Ret). I know he was in NCMB 5 in Stationed at Port Hueneme CA. and was also stationed in Rhode Island, Jacksonville FL.,and Millington TN.where he eventually retired.arguing that El Paso’s low crime has everything to do with the 18-foot metal fence that already marks the border here.“Ask El Paso, Texas (now one of America’s safest cities) across the border from Juarez, Mexico (one of the world’s most dangerous) if a wall works,” she wrote. First, folk here would like to call out some errors of fact.They put it down to excellent policing, growing prosperity, as well as flourishing relations between the civic leaderships of the adjoining cities.So when Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House spokesperson, took to Twitter (of course) the day I arrived to suggest that El Paso should be taken as Exhibit A in support of building a new mega-wall along the entire border with Mexico, the reaction here was, well, indignant.

He disputes being there, but when you run into a 1st cousin that you weren't even aware that he was in the service, you don't forget that experience. I've tried to find what the letters stand for but can't. name: Elizabeth Lockie email: chachachik1 at gmail.comlocation: Sandpoint Idaho Date: April 15, 2011comment: This just might be the place I might find some information on my dad, Franklin D. My understanding is he served in Japan and was in the Sea-Bees. I am currently trying to get in touch with Michael Kohler, he was the Master at Arms for the battalion during that time, any help would be appreciated I'm writing this for my dad. He served in the Navy from 53-71 after a four year enlistment in the army.My day done, it’s time to seek vittles in Anson 11, a swanky restaurant in the Anson Mills building in downtown El Paso, only the second concrete-framed skyscraper in all the United States when it was built in 1911.Prosperous then, the city has had its ups and downs for sure, but tonight all is buzzing. I've just visitied the Gulfport, MS base about a week ago and boy has it changed. I met one of my fellow shipmates in the Twin Cities, MN, back in the early 80's.

Filled with diners, the restaurant has just one seat left, a stool at the bar. So much for the wild west frontier town we are told to expect.

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