Trent reznor dating history

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While working on Nine Inch Nails material, Danny Lohner and Charlie Clouser, both Nine Inch Nails live band members, would often come up with ideas that Reznor felt did not fit in with his vision for the band.Tapeworm developed as an outlet for this material—a democratic group in which Lohner and Clouser could act as equals with Reznor, as opposed to Nine Inch Nails, in which Reznor maintained sole artistic control.

With a career highlighted in critical success, Reznor's outspoken honesty produced a linear of top-quality insults.Reznor has been a particularly vocal critic of the record industry, including how his own labels have handled his music.After seeing the prices of his albums in Australia, Reznor told his Australian fans to "steal" the music during a live concert.An official website, (now offline), was created to showcase pictures from various recording sessions, including images of Josh Freese behind a drum kit. In 2004, Reznor announced that Tapeworm was "dead for the foreseeable future", citing label issues, Keenan's A Perfect Circle obligations, and Reznor's own waning enthusiasm for the project. John Lennon didn't perform or sing or play on the APC version of "Imagine." He didn't produce it, direct it, co-produce it, or grab us Latte's during the recording of it.

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