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We get (sic) along better than any other girl I've ever hung out with in my life.That was the beginning of a really really awesome time for me... nd it appears he's still bitter about the way she ended the romance - by email.

But that may be about to change as the I Kissed A Girl singer has given the the 50s style playsuits the elbow for sexy black bondage-style outfits in a new photoshoot with US magazine Complex.My music has always been an amalgamation of everything I listen to, which includes everything and anything under the sun.Hip-hop to country to R&B to pop, all the things I’m inspired by find a way into what I do.VIBE: How would you describe your music now compared to what is was when you first gained fame with Gym Class Heroes?Travie Mc Coy: I think it’s hard to put a finger on my music.

What sort of music are you listening to now that has helped inspired your most recent album?

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