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Unfortunately you do not get much chance to dress whilst you are living with your parents, and it was not until I got a place of my own that I was able to dress more frequently and buy clothes without fear of discovery.

Dressing at home is fine to begin with, but after a while you want more than the midnight trip to the letterbox.....

This has been achieved both through the site and by joining the UK Angels and I now get out at least once a month.

Then kinky uniforms and lots of sexy and tarty funwear, also some PVC and rubberwear.Victorian corsetry and waist clinchers to pull your waist in upto 8”inches.Authentic realistic vaginas, cache sex, silicone hip and bottoms. Gorgeous satin and lace underwear, wigs, shoes, cosmetics, beard covers.Selling absolutely everything a man could ever wish for, to transform himself into a convincing womanly female,whatever his size, age or shape.The Manchester Transformation shop is open Mon-Sat 10am to 6pm, we close Sundays and Bank holidays.

All our shops are in quiet discreet locations, to make it easier for you to walk in, rest assured nobody can see the inside of our shops from the outside.

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