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If either or both of the range endpoints are octal sequences of the form \octal, this shall represent the range of specific coded values between the two range endpoints, inclusive.Represents all characters belonging to the defined character class, as defined by the current setting of the LC_CTYPE locale category.If n is omitted or is zero, it shall be interpreted as large enough to extend the string2-based sequence to the length of the string1-based sequence.If n has a leading zero, it shall be interpreted as an octal value.When string2 is shorter than string1, a difference results between historical System V and BSD systems.A BSD system pads string2 with the last character found in string2. Since this area is specifically unspecified in this volume of POSIX.1-2008, both the BSD and System V behaviors are allowed, but a conforming application cannot rely on the BSD behavior.

Because this expression is used to map multiple characters to one, it is only valid when it occurs in string2.If necessary, string1 and string2 can be quoted to avoid pattern matching by the shell.If an ordinary digit (representing itself) is to follow an octal sequence, the octal sequence must use the full three digits to avoid ambiguity.The following character class names shall be accepted when specified in string1: In addition, character class expressions of the form [: name:] shall be recognized in those locales where the name keyword has been given a charclass definition in the LC_CTYPE category.When both the -d and -s options are specified, any of the character class names shall be accepted in string2.

Multi-byte characters require multiple, concatenated escape sequences of this type, including the leading In the POSIX locale, this construct shall represent the range of collating elements between the range endpoints (as long as neither endpoint is an octal sequence of the form \octal), inclusive, as defined by the collation sequence.

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