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Adding “Bilingual Live Chat” to your website with e-live chat adds value to your site by having a live person available 24 hours a day for assistance.Our highly trained bilingual operators are available 24x7x365 and are capable of handling customer service inquiries, capturing lead information and providing pre-sales assistance in English and Spanish.We would have no other way to communicate with our patients during this time." -live chat is the solution for you!Today’s web enabled world has created a new form of communication. More and more companies are offering “Live Chat” support on their websites.I hesitated to turn our chat over to non-employees of the firm because what we do can be complex and because of bad experiences I've heard from others. They work closely with us to ensure that they are offering impeccable service levels to our clients and are always come to us if there is an unusual situation which arises.By having the chat facility on our website, we have been able to ensure that we capture enquiries which we would probably not have had as they are able to answer simple questions about properties or get the client in touch with one of our team for the more complicated enquiries.There is no equipment to maintain or software to buy.

Although Internet websites offer an abundance of information and automation, many potential customers browsing business websites are still reluctant to purchase.Any question or concern has been handled immediately and service is impeccable. I have customers thanking the chat talent for their help. Octa Chat's round the clock presence on our website has definitely added more potential leads to our pipeline.We didn't realize how many people were interested in chatting after hours and especially on weekends.They have been very coachable as we have tweaked some of their responses.Their responsiveness to our firm and our clients have been terrific. We have been using Octa Chat now for a few months and can say that we would highly recommend the team.

Offering “Live Chat” sales and customer support assistance on your website will truly make you stand out above the competition.

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