The rules for dating and texting

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I attempted to keep it going — we actually started to text in Hebrew, which was kind of cute — but the chemistry just wasn’t there.

We eventually put our phones down and went our separate ways.

There wasn’t necessarily a lot of substance in our conversation, but there was a lot of chemistry.

We both walked away from our meeting in the mall happy, but afterward the relationship turned into a total dud.

But don’t wait too long because people can be impatient and will lose interest. Personally, when I see someone text “I love u,” I cringe.

“Silence is a weapon mainly used by the women who are not completely interested in a guy…doesn’t care enough because 10 other guys that day texted her the same thing, ‘hey what’s up.’ Men can use silence too, but it’s mainly used by the players who get a lot of girls,“ said senior and communication major Aaron Shapiro. I’d recommend using “you.” It’s definitely the safer option. When texting, we need to remember that it is our only voice the other person hears because you’re texting and not calling.

There is nothing worse than sloppy texting and mass confusion.“ 9. Also, replying with texts like “nm” can make it hard to keep a conversation going.The more messages you send at one time, the more desperate or needy you will come across.I know it’s hard to resist; it’s awful to be left hanging.Not only in what we say, but in the timing of our responses.Some of us may text back immediately, or even worse send multiple texts at one time, which can be a real turn off.

It leads me to wonder, if we had continued the relationship in person, would it have gone differently? She could have gotten better at English; I could’ve picked up some Hebrew. I’ll never know because we couldn’t get our relationship past the message screen.

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