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The Benefits: Can’t hurt your chances – The predominant reason behind the popularity of online dating; it increases the likelihood of making the connection that so many of us crave.

In addition to this, with the more traditional online websites you can filter out the people that you aren’t interested in based on their interests or physical characteristics, therefore decreasing the potential time it takes to meet your match!

It offers free dating services to women and paid messaging services to men.

Its implied mission is to connect women with men who can afford to take care of those women.

If you’re vetting potential suitors online, with many you’ll know immediately that they aren’t for you, saving the expense and awkwardness of an ill-suited first date.

Builds trust and confidence – As previously mentioned, many online daters use the service because of a natural shyness or previous bad luck in love, if you are one of these people then it is a valuable way to begin building confidence and trust in a relationship in advance of your first actual meeting.

Essentially, the purpose of Secret Benefits is to connect women with men who can take care of them financially.Convenient – If you’re a single parent or you maintain a very demanding job it’s far easier to schedule an online chat for fifteen minutes than it is to hang around an expensive cocktail bar on a Friday in the hope that Tom Hiddleston or Adriana Lima offers to buy you a drink.Save on expenses (and lengthy encounters of a tedious kind) – We’ve all experienced that one train wreck of a date where we’ve drank literal buckets of blue lagoon in the hope it will numb the pain of the conversation, and it wasn’t cheap.It also ensures you can take your time until you feel that you’re ready for that all important first date; if it helps then think of the entire online dating process as one big trial run before the big day, you’ll be well prepared.Secret Benefits is a new online dating service created in 2016 that claims to have close to one million current users.

Though it isn’t explicitly stated on the website, Secret Benefits is there to connect high maintenance women to wealthy men.

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