Teenage relationship and dating

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Talk to your son or daughter about the healthiness of their relationship.Encourage time apart and spending time in other activities or with other friends.A “maybe” or “if you really want to” or even silence is not a “yes.” Talk to your teenagers about saying no and being resistant to coercion, and how to get help if he or she is being abused or pressured into doing things they don’t want to do.Talk to your son about respecting women and that the violence he sees presented in the media is not “normal” or healthy behavior.Obsession and Possession Some teenagers, when involved in their first relationship, may become obsessive and possessive of their dating partner.If your student has lost interest in hanging out with other friends, seems anxious when their significant other is not around, and constantly has to check in with their girlfriend or boyfriend or needs to check up on them, they may be in an obsessive relationship.

Does your daughter seem ashamed or embarrassed when talking about him, or tries not to talk about him at all?

Online Dating and Dating Apps When individuals are in their teens, it is important for them to date people they know in real life, not someone they met on the internet.

Many young people are naïve to the dating world and easily manipulated into meeting dangerous people, getting into dangerous situations, and being coerced into doing things that make them uncomfortable.

If there is stalking involved, or you think there may be more intense or dangerous controlling and possessive behaviors happening, you may want to seek outside help.

Sexual Abuse According to, Teen Dating Violence.org, one quarter of high school girls have been victims of physical or sexual abuse or date rape.

Look for signs that your son or daughter is using online dating sites and apps to find potential partners.

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