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Personally, I would only give out a card to someone I trust since in the end, I’m on the hook if they don’t pay.

There are a lot of stories out there of boyfriends/girlfriends(or even husbands/wives) being added as authorized users and racking up the bills when things go south.

This may also include the time restraints for any back taxes due on esate taxes, property taxes due locally and capital gains taxes including taxes payable on the cancellation of debt.

If you are the one being added as an authorized user, you’re able to ‘piggyback’ off of someone else’s established credit line.

The authorized user can receive statements and pay their own bill, but ultimately, the main card user is responsible for any charges made by authorized users.

Defendants are the notes holder at time of HUD I settlement, and its creditor the member bank by opposing counsel for the alleged foreclosing interests.

It is discovered from findings to date and believed to be fact that the relationship of the creditor and the lender are such that he creditor holds the collateral in his possession at all time while holder is left with only the right to enforce.

• Rule 506 allows for sales to an unlimited number of “accredited investors” and, for offerings that do not involve general solicitation, to a limited number of sophisticated non-accredited investors.

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