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While you should definitely increase your intake of dietary fats, you also need to use your carbs to help you build and maintain muscle. This means sitting less and walking more, but it also means training correctly.

Muscle is both metabolic and anabolic in nature, meaning that building muscle will help you with those morning boners. This is aimed directly at you older guys who think the gym and lifting heavy weights is a young man’s game, it isn’t, in fact, you need it more.

It’s what makes us go bald, but also have hair on nearly every inch of our bodies.

When most men hear “get more active”, they think jogs and long runs, what they don’t think is strength training.

The benefits of building denser, leaner muscle, though, will do far more for your T levels and that morning boner than that jog will.

The majority of them that we use as bottles and tupperware are also highly estrogenic.

Of course, estrogen is a hormone that men need, but in such small amounts that we have it automatically and we need no help in increasing it. Cortisol is one of the biggest enemies of testosterone when its levels start to rise.

It helps you ward off diseases like heart disease or cancers like prostate cancer, and it even fights depression.

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