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She falls in love with Kairi Miyoshi (Hideaki Takizawa). I'm agree with u Jean, I wanna see Tsumi ni Nureta Futari turn into drama... Do u ever read Hwang Miri's or Han Yu Rang's manga?He is the vice president of the company, but he is also married. Even though Kairi and Yuka's marriage is broken but she stepped in before she knew it and was desperate to become a third party and have an affair with Kairi. Although its coming from Korea, I wish Japanese TV production buy their story and made their works into drama..

After months of rumours, Fan and her The Empress Of China co-star Li Chen confirmed their romance last Friday.Local newspaper reporter Shunya investigates the deaths, while his girlfriend Naomi gets too close to one of the haunted children. But, true or not, rumors are so much fun to read AND laugh at. These things should, and cannot be taken seriously. But it’s not certain if the guy in question really IS Ryo. I was really rooting for Pi-Abi tandem and even waved pom-poms for Abi. If you’re in need of a nurse for your ailing heart or a one night only no-strings-attached rebound, we’re here for you. -- FAN BINGBING'S WEIBO BEIJING - Actress Fan Bingbing's boyfriend Li Chen has revealed that his former girlfriend Zhang Xinyu cheated on him, in the latest twist in a social media drama that threatens to overshadow Fan and Li's high-profile debut as a couple.After months of rumours, China's top star, Fan, 33, and her The Empress Of China co-star, Li, 36, confirmed their romance last Friday by sharing a photo of themselves on their Weibo pages. She wrote: "Sometimes the people you think will be around all your life might suddenly disappear, and there isn't even a chance to hug them." But she also wished her former boyfriend Li happiness.

Kengo Yatabe's mother dies and his father is in a coma. Those days are long gone and he now lofts around as a security guard and generally wastes ...

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