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Warning: This article contains explicit descriptions and discussion of sexual violence.The desire to see videogame characters naked existed long before whispers of Tomb Raider nude codes.That one is usually only touched, if at all, very superficially so.

And then there are mods like Devious Devices, an incredibly in-depth series of BDSM mods that give players every bondage or domination tool they could dream of.

Despite Lovers Labs' massive popularity and the ,000 a month it earns through Patreon, no one in Ashal's real life knows what he does for a living.

"My parents know I run a community site—I leave it at that," he says.

The appeal isn't always the sex itself, but the way mods like Devious Devices weave sensuality and play into the stories players are telling through their characters.

Like Ashal, Kimy says her status as one of the most popular sex modders is a closely kept secret.

To date it's been downloaded over 2.7 million times.

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