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In 2016 some 265 international companies established a physical presence in Switzerland, contributing 1,005 new jobs, similar to 2015's figures of 264 firms and 1,082 jobs but still far from 2010 when Switzerland attracted some 379 companies and 2,431 jobs.

Zurich attracted among the highest international companies in 2016 (101 firms up from 93), promising up to 1,500 jobs within five years.

A large proportion of companies benefiting from tax breaks are located in Geneva, Vaud and Valais.

These cantons will likely undergo the greatest adjustments in Swiss jobs when required to adopt the new tax code, potentially as soon as 2019.

Switzerland continues to attract foreign companies – partly due to favourable tax conditions but also for skilled workers and quality education and training systems – although faces a strong franc and doubts over future tax policies.The culture within a Swiss company can vary according to whether the company is in the French, German or Italian region of Switzerland.As a rule, the hierarchy tends to be vertical, with decisions being made at the top of the company.Some of the world’s biggest multinationals are headquartered in Switzerland, including Nestlé, Novartis, Zurich Insurance, Roche, Credit Suisse, Adecco, Swiss Re and Glencore.Many international organisations are also based in Switzerland, especially Geneva.

This guide explains everything you need to help you find a Swiss job, including information on the Swiss job market, vacancies, work permits, qualifications needed to work in Switzerland and where to find jobs in Switzerland for foreigners and English speakers.

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