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# # # About FAO FAO leads international efforts to defeat hunger.It helps countries to modernize and improve agriculture, forestry and fisheries practices and ensure good nutrition for all.“In addition, looking forward to the completion of the 2015 cropping season by the end of the year, a below average cereal production is expected in Uganda the Sudan and Ethiopia, which will further aggravate the food import bill in South Sudan.By creating ways to support crop, livestock and fish producers the resilience of these communities will be strengthened,” he added.Social inequality is on the rise, natural resources are being exploited unchecked.Many communities are shaped by corruption, violence, and war.

“The people of South Sudan need peace, nutritious food and other humanitarian assistance and livelihood support to survive and rebuild their lives," she added.

“Since fighting broke out nearly two years ago, children have been plagued by conflict, disease, fear and hunger,” said Jonathan Veitch, UNICEF Representative in South Sudan.

“Their families have been extraordinary in trying to sustain them, but have now exhausted all coping mechanisms.

Even areas previously unaffected are now showing signs of severe deterioration, with large proportions of the population in Greater Bahr el Ghazal states in food security crisis.

“Livelihoods have been severely affected by high inflation rates, market disruption, conflict-related displacement, and loss of livestock and agricultural production, said Serge Tissot, the Head of FAO in South Sudan.

more In the context of persisting economic problems in Sudan, the FES strives together with political decision makers, experts from ministries and non-governmental organisations and trade unions to raise new ideas for Sudan’s economic and social progress.

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