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well it might be hard to belive but since i met the succubus.

While going through her things in storage I happened upon several old Witch's Almanacs, a couple of spellbooks, and a wicker ritual broom.

I've had 6 succubus encounters since i was 16 i am 22 now my encounters was the most intense sexurall plesure I've had and my first encounter was like this it was cold and wet outside it was 3am and I was lying in my bed when I felt a chill down my spine when I blacked out I woke... Like someone was slowly crawling up on me starting from the bottem of my bed. Just a few weeks ago I believe that I was visited by a succubus.

I was having a dream in which I met a beautiful woman, but she was a ghost.

I was laying on my stomach when my mom came and told me she was going to town for groceries. I had what I first thought was a dream three nights ago. I hope this is the appropriate forum to share these experiences and that I will get a response soon from others who have shared this.

I was walking on a dirt road when approaching me from the opposite direction was a tall man with long hair. First of all, I am an alcoholic, but when I am sober I am a lucid dreamer.

the problem is if a man is in the area then he can feel it also if he has those type of tendencies the woman may have. I started my research on succubi about one and a half year ago, when I was three months to turning sixteen.

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