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The abilities the parts give in the Creature Stage are somewhat related to their function in the Cell Stage.

Note: If the player's creature has a mouth with a different diet to that which it gained via card at the end of Cell Stage (Carnivore with Proboscis or Filter Mouth, Herbivore with Proboscis or Jaw, or Omnivore with Filter Mouth or Jaw), it can have a different diet to the card, allowing the creature to eat food of any type, although this will not affect the different types of mouths it can gain as new parts.

Similarly, the base parts you use the most will increase your chances of unlocking an upgraded version of that part.

If you're going for a particular look, you'll need to choose carefully.

The player can use this as part of a long-term goal for determining the consequence abilities in future stages, based on hunting or befriending other species, or a balance between the two.

Before playing this stage, the player has a chance to edit their cell into a proper creature, albeit with cell parts. The parts you choose for your creature will decide which base parts you unlock.

Parts in the Early Creature Creator are the same parts that were available in the Cell Stage.

When constructing a creature in the Creature Stage these parts are only available at the very beginning of the stage; if you have evolved your creature from the Cell Stage then only the parts that you unlocked in the Cell stage are available.

Also by using this method you can effectively neither befriend or extinct any species and gain all your needed DNA through eggs by playing an egg eating race.The player has agency to unlock creature parts that are useful for hunting or socialization; most creature parts have abilities useful to these strategies, and in addition the creature has one consequence ability gained by the player's strategy in the Cell Stage.Each increase in brain size will gain one space to add a member to the player's pack (including befriended creatures). The creatures in the player's pack can make it easier to befriend or attack other creatures.Another lesser known way to gain DNA is by eating the eggs of other creatures.This also takes care of creatures hunger but almost always results in angering the nest you ate the egg from.

If you hunted those creatures they will become extinct and no longer appear in your game, if you befriended the creatures then if your brain is large enough you may recruit them for your pack.

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