Speed dating tricks pua

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“There were these classes about all kinds of sexual techniques and it was like a kinky gym where people could rotate from one station to another.

My then-girlfriend and I went to the place where people were just fucking and did it on a swing right in front of a small crowd.

I went to a Speed Dating Event on a Friday night with one of my clients, Elliott G.

I then jumped back into talking to her while her other friends talked amongst themselves about 10 feet away.Transitioning to being seated allowed us to establish talking to each other in another area of the bar.Then I jumped into another topic with no transition and used it to transition to a sexual topic.After talking for a few minutes by the bar, she introduced me her friends, two guys and one girl.I briefly acknowledged each one and spoke to one of them.

I told her about being in Las Vegas with my ex at a conference on sex and relationships.

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