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It is important to marry someone Jewish, whether born Jewish or sincerely converted. The main reasons I give are threefold: (a) with many fewer areas of disagreement (holidays, kids' religious education, etc), same faith marriages report significantly higher happiness and more success than interfaith relationships, whether Hindu-Muslim, Protestant-Catholic, or Jewish-Christian; (b) the children of same-faith marriages generally grow-up with a clearer sense of identity and higher self-esteem; (c) the chances of Jewishness lasting in a same-faith family are far, far higher than in an family where one parent is non-Jewish, even if he or she agrees to allow to raise the child as a Jew. All this being said, how are you going to meet your mate?WAY #2: Join a Torah class Jewish learning today is constantly expanding.Don't worry -- many people there feel the same way you do. For some practical tips, check out: Maximizing Dot-com Dating. One of the little perks of understanding what it means to live your destiny is knowing that you were not plopped down here to make a go at it alone. For the answer, we must go back we go to the Garden: Adam was a hermaphrodite? When God created Adam in his original form, He created Adam and Eve as one entity. At this point Adam and Eve (Chava in Hebrew) were getting along pretty well.One Aish branch I know has thousands of Jewish singles come to its events every year.WAY #3: Make Jewish Friends It is a wonderful thing to have friends from all kinds of backgrounds.

Standing squarely in the way of this recognition is a rather large serving of your ego.The mystical sources say that each one of us is but one half of a complete soul. When you finally find each other, it's going to be something of a reunion.What all this means, among other things, is the following: Which leads us to the next point.The upshot of all this is that much of all that drippy romantic stuff out there actually has some truth to it. It's about the bonding of two people into a greater entity. The Talmud says that when iysh and ishah come together, the letters overlap except for two -- y and ah, which together spell one of the names of God.The greater entity formed though the bonding of husband and wife creates something so spiritual that God's presence dwells with them.

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