Sonny witha chance of dating

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Some kind of expert on how people feel about each other?

You like to sprinkle your wizardy relationship dust over people who you think you know, but you don't!

crew saw it and wanted her on their show, which coincidentally happened to be her favorite show.

Due to Demi Lovato's decision to leave Disney Channel, Sonny With a Chance has ended, and Sonny Munroe is the only major character who did not return for the spin-off series, So Random! Sonny is a beautiful, talented girl with a smiling face and laughing, dark eyes.

(throws the camera against a stump and breaks it)Sonny: No, no, no! It happened right in front of me and it was so scary. Sonny: (interrupts Tawni) IN YOUR FACE MACKENZIE FALLS!

So we can just take that trust, put it in a bottle, wrap a little bow around it, bring it back to the studio because together we can-Sonny: It is a sad day when a young woman can't try on twelve or thirteen outfits without being accused of going on a date! (closes the door then her cellphone rings and she takes off the glasses) Hello?

When she made a goofy (but apparently amazing) video and uploaded it onto the Internet, the So Random!The cast is rivaled with another show in the same studio, Mac Kenzie Falls starring Chad Dylan Cooper (Sterling Knight). Sonny: [reads Chad's autograph] Sonny, thanks for the yogurt. Snowy: It's gonna be like Beauty and the Beast wrapped up in one. Sonny: (watching the video on Zora's camera and sees herself sleep walking and destroying Senor Smoothie) I must have been sleepwalking. The only thing I could think of was if only Chad Dylan Cooper, the greatest actor of our generation, was here to save us.

(screams) And this is me getting under the table which is what you're suppose to do!

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