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Act III will begin with a short intro showing some of the major choices and consequences from Act I and Act II.

Romances Luna – Male characters can continue their romance with Luna from Act II or decide to remain friends.

Fladayus – Female and male characters can initiate a romance with Fladayus as long as they received her locket from Act II and have her as a companion on quests.

These romances are adult in nature and are not required to enjoy the characters on their own.

A core focus of the mod are the characters you interact with and how you and they shape the world.

Then play Act II which can also download here on the Nexus.

At least 15 hours of game play and several new and unique levels.

You can still create your character in the character creator but the events from Act II and Act I will be predetermined.

See the bottom of this post for information of the default import.

Strong focus on characters in a world that is more gray than black and white.

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