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The Smurfs most often respond to his self-righteous preaching by either tossing him out of the village – curiously, accompanied by the brief passage of a butterfly in flight on-screen in the cartoon series just before Brainy is seen landing roughly on the ground – or clobbering him with a club (usually off screen).

She is usually hopeless in times of danger and sometimes thinks she knows it all, yet has a caring side as well. Papa Smurf is the leader, father, chief and king of the Smurfs, one of the protagonists of the franchise, and can be easily distinguished by his red clothes and bushy white beard.

The Smurfs turn to Papa Smurf when things go wrong.

Papa Smurf is skilled in making magical spells and potions.

He is much older than the other Smurfs (except for Grandpa and Nanny, who are older than Papa).

Papa Smurf often serves the other Smurfs with his knowledge and wisdom and usually devises a plan for how to get out of trouble or to save the Smurf village from attacks by Gargamel.

Hefty Smurf has incredible strength and often is seen doing a lot of the heavy work in the village.

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