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“It’s quite a thing to fall in love with a person via the Internet, reading mostly Internet chats with the occasional phone call and webcam show,” says David, who works for an online dating company.

When you finally do arrange to meet in person you and your new date may feel very awkward.Rehashing familiar topics but with the added sensation of watching your date’s facial expressions can be a lot of fun. Meeting someone you like in person is a great way to accelerate the relationship or to test the relationship, to see if there is any physical spark.However, what happens when you hit another lull in the conversation? Let this date unfold in its own time, without pushing any agenda.The strange awkwardness you feel is the natural consequence of “dating backwards.” Usually, you get to know a person intimately before you have all those deep, afterglow chats. It’s just a matter of becoming comfortable with each other’s physical presence and then easing back into the same dynamic that first attracted the two of you together online.However, online dating lets you learn the secret person of the heart, and then introduces flirting and sexual tension later on. At first, there may be some awkwardness, nervousness and giggling. The two of you already like each other – after all, you agreed to meet in person. Don’t try too hard or try to be someone you’re not.

Your date is probably feeling the same way you are: a little bit freaked out that what was once so allusive and so vividly imagined is now sitting in front of you in full color and 100% flesh and blood!

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