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Regardless of how it all started, the sexual encounters continued.

Carter and Gibson would meet secretly dozens of times, including in the coach's office.

In June 2012, after her disappointing and injury-filled sophomore season, Gibson competed at the U. On their last night in Eugene, Gibson and her teammates attended a house party, where she drank heavily.

Gibson says Carter had always instructed team members to contact him if they had been drinking and needed a ride, so Gibson, 20 years old at the time, called him for a lift back to the hotel. " Gibson says Carter threatened to send the photos to her mother and father and post them on the internet.

Craig Carter would not stop threatening Baillie Gibson: over email, over text and over the phone.

He threatened to rape her, and he threatened to kill her.

He pledged to change, which Labonte says satisfied Harvey. Within weeks, according to Gibson and Labonte, Carter reverted to his old behavior. She finished 12th in the discus and ninth in the shot put.

"He just said that I would lose my scholarship and I would have all these pictures out and it was going to be bad if I said anything." When reached on the phone by Outside the Lines, Carter said he "100 percent" denied that he sexually assaulted Gibson. Carter said that what happened that night was consensual and, in court documents, has insisted that Gibson initiated it.

"It's gonna be amazing when all this comes out, because they got all the forensic stuff off my phone, and the conversation about us hooking up that night is all on the phone," Carter told Outside the Lines.

Stepping into the throwing ring gave her an emotional high, a sense of control she never experienced in team sports.

"You're talking about a girl that when practice is over, it wasn't over for her.

"If the cops are called it won't matter," he'd texted her.

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