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The finds from the Petrie excavations in Palestine were also distributed widely; the Petrie share went not to the collections of the Department of Egyptology, University College London (now Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology), but to form a separate Petrie Palestinian Collection in the Institute of Archaeology.

He was given the name is William Matthew Flinders Petrie.

That same year, he began his more than forty years of exploration and examination of Egypt and the Middle East.

From 1880 to 1883, Flinders Petrie studied and excavated The Great Pyramid of Giza.

In England, the principal society then as now was the Egypt Exploration Society (founded as Egypt Exploration Fund in 1882 - the name changed to Society in 1914).

Petrie worked for the EEF until 1886, and again from 1896 to 1905.

Such painstaking methods led him to be known as one of the great innovators of scientific method in excavation.

In 1884 Flinders Petrie discovered fragments of the statue of Ramses II during his excavation of the Temple of Tanis.

"I had a doorway in the middle into my living room, a window on one side for my bedroom, and another window opposite for a store-room.As in the case of the Egypt Exploration Fund/Society, the excavator was permitted by the Egyptian Antiquities Service to reward public museums sponsoring excavation by distributing to them a share of the finds allowed out of Egypt - the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, retained anything it wished for the national collection.From 1905 the Egyptian Research Account supported a new institution founded by Petrie, the British School of Archaeology in Egypt.During this time he reverted back to studying Stonehenge.He was able to determine the unit of measurement used for the construction of Stonehenge, so in 1880, at the age of 24, Flinders Petrie published his first book called Stonehenge: Plans, Description, and Theories; this book would become the basis for future discoveries at that site.

Table of Petrie seasons 1880-1938 (compare the map) Notes: 1886: the work of Petrie at Naukratis was continued by Ernest Gardner: 'we found the site of the city already somewhat altered by the destructive operations of the Arabs, who are continually carrying off the earth from the ancient sites to spread it upon their fields.

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