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Jeb Bush was succeeded by Charlie Crist, a moderate Republican who took office in January 2007. Their sharpest clash involved the governor's initiative to expand casino gambling in Florida.

Later in 2000, he was promoted to be one of two majority whips, and in 2002, he was appointed House Majority Leader by Speaker Johnnie Byrd.

The Florida Supreme Court sided with Rubio and blocked the deal.

Rubio also was a critic of Crist's strategy to fight climate change through an executive order creating new automobile and utility emissions standards.

So, Rubio agreed to smaller changes, and Crist's proposal to double the state's property tax exemption from ,000 to ,000 (for a tax reduction estimated by Crist to be billion) ultimately passed.

As speaker, Rubio "aggressively tried to push Florida to the political right," according to NBC News, and frequently clashed with the Florida Senate, which was run by more moderate Republicans, and with then-Governor Charlie Crist, a centrist Republican at the time.

Fasano resigned in September 2001 as majority leader of the House due to disagreements with the House speaker, and the speaker passed over Rubio to appoint a more experienced replacement for Fasano.

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