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‘When I was with the Raiders, he was known as Cliff Ward and his band were The Cruisers.They were without doubt, the best pop group in Kidderminster at the time.” The Cruisers later became The Secrets who became popular around Birmingham as well as touring American army bases in France.

I went down and rapped with them and they helped me get the band together. However, due to conflicts with the band's management Plant left the group the following year and went on to (confusingly) form his own Band Of Joy but that band soon folded and he subsequently rejoined the original incarnation.

Robert Plant then, briefly, joined Hobbstweedle, before he and John Bonham were invited to join Led Zeppelin with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.

Meantime, Robinson, Lockey and Gammond started to work with Jess and the earliest incarnation of Bronco was formed.

On the 14th December '69 – as noted from the John Coombes diary of Kidderminster-area 'events' – Bronco played their second ever show at Franks, the old base from which The Raiders had operated.

“I had a good friendship with Johnny both on and off stage, we worked well together, he was a great bass player.” "Our first stab at recording was at Olympic Studios overseen by Guy Stevens and we recorded a couple of our more ‘rocky’ sounding tunes with him.” down on the sixteen-track and it turned out so well, we were allowed to do our own production.

“We used to work very hard, but I was the only one who was married with children.

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