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By not joining Class Pass and by not offering memberships, Soul Cycle owns the fact that it is for the upper echelon of society.So it's no surprise that going to Soul Cycle feels more like going to a debutante ball than going to the gym.The idea of a class was alluring; I would be required to show up, and at a class, I would have to push myself, or else it wouldn't be worth it.Plus, I had heard so much about the community of Soul Cycle. Reportedly, the teachers were like gurus, and you would leave with your metaphorical demons cast out from your day!In other cities, Fly Wheel memberships are even cheaper. Classes are available to purchase as singles or by the package, which reduces the price tag per class only slightly.A Super Soul package exists for ,500; it's 50 classes, and it goes so far to hike up the price to a class, with the "benefit" of securing the ability to register for coveted classes earlier and a concierge service.

This verifies that the boutique indoor cycling classes are, in fact, taking over America. Stuck in a fitness rut and feeling the effects of my desk job on my waistline, I wanted a workout that would force me to break a sweat.

They are about as contraindicated as one can get because of the deceleration required by the back muscles," she wrote. There is zero benefit to doing these, and they are potentially harmful to joints and the musculature of the back."by not having resistance, rider's hips and spine are unsupported at such a high cadence, potentially injuring the low back." Of course, riding in any indoor cycling class with little resistance could lead to injuries like this. Many people buy into the fact that they're eviscerating calories from their bodies, but it's just part of Soul Cycle's pseudo-yogi schtick.

If you've ever walked out of a Soul Cycle class drenched in sweat, it's probably because the studios don't cool the rooms down; it's warm in there. The first time I experienced this, I foolishly attributed my soaked attire to an intense workout. Soul Cycle requires riders to don shoes that are able to clip on to the pedals, which isn't unusual for an indoor cycling class.

You have to work your way to be good enough for the front row — and by good enough, it doesn't mean in shape enough.

It means that you've mastered the "dance" moves on the bike. It's a no-brainer that Soul Cycle is a very easy way to throw your money into the wind, but the cost is even harder to take when you realize other cycling studios offer memberships — or participate in Class Pass, a hot startup that despite its demerits, allows fitness enthusiasts to sample many boutique fitness studios for what was a cool a month (it's now 5 a month in New York, after a recent price hike).

(You can see a hilarious Gawker review of the class in which Rich Juzwiak, Caity Weaver, and Leah Beckmann attempt to follow along to prove just how confusing these dance moves can be.) But this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, as Soul Cycle openly discloses that most of its instructors, as is the case with its founders, do not have fitness backgrounds.

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