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Much more beneficial than people just quitting reading the site.

mmmm it is kind of trolling when a group of people rant about spelling mistakes in the comment section of said website.

This tutorial does an excellent job of walking you through each individual step.

And even if it is a little complicated for you, it's worth it in the end to have a secret weapon you can pull out of your arsenal when it comes time to color match your footage—especially if you don't have access to programs like Speed Grade that has built-in color matching tools, like Shot Matcher.

Some might argue that these were the golden years of the music video, but we beg to differ.

A drawing, your signature, a classic Leica engraving.

The possibilities are endless on the top plate, the bottom plate, on the back and front and so forth.

This feature was originally published on November 16, 2009.

We might be getting close, but we're not done sifting through every conceivable facet of Complex culture from the last decade (2000 - 2009) in our series.

Trolling is simply making a provocative statement to get a rise out of people.

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