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The Police are committed to sharing information where this is necessary to protect children.Police checks for example, to ascertain if someone has a conviction for an offence against children are conducted into ongoing child protection investigations and emergency placements.The Police are invited to attend all initial case conferences and in all cases a written report will be provided to the Chair of the conference as a minimum, detailing all the relevant information held by the police.Wherever possible,and in line with national ACPO guidelines,the police will attend these meetings.Evidence gathered during a criminal investigation, may be of use to local authority solicitors who are preparing for civil proceedings to protect the victim.

A Detective Chief Inspector based at Police Headquarters, Wakefield oversees the governance of this function in respect of policy and procedure.Nichi Hodgson (born September 9) is a British journalist, broadcaster, and author.She was one of the first British journalists to court-report via Twitter, covering the 2012 obscenity trial, R v Peacock.She is also a regular guest on BBC3, BBC World News, BBC Radio 2 and 4. ' was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2015, and she was a guest in an episode of Late Night Woman's Hour alongside Caitlin Moran in 2016.Her most recent radio documentary, 'Being Bisexual', was broadcast in July 2017 on the BBC World Service.

The SGU’s are also responsible for dealing with individuals who are registered sex offenders, under the terms of the Sex Offenders Act 1997 and other offenders who are regarded as a potential danger to the community.

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