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I’d be careful of labeling a modal component in Northern Europeans “Northern European ancestry.” I’ve posted on enough topics related to this to illustrate how easy it is to generate statistical artifacts which have little correspondence to the real biological world.It’s one thing when you have two populations which are genetically very distinct, and clustering in a disjoint faction almost immediately. But when you have intra-European variation, and the clusters don’t distribute in an exclusive fashion, one should be wary of reifying them into real populations.This doesn’t mean equal genetic distance; the Mozabite dominant cluster has a higher distance. But I specifically noted the biomedical origin of some the data because I suspect that’s going to make it difficult to get it into the public domain.But, it does suggest to me that it may be that in the Copper Age the western Mediterranean was dominated by a Sardinian-like population, which later was displaced and assimilated by newcomers. This blog is about evolution, genetics, genomics and their interstices.The modern population of Sardinia are the descendants of the indigenous mountainers, who repopulated the coastal cities periodically.I want to note that if you look at the ADMIXTURE runs the Mozabites have nearly as much of the Sardinian modal component as mainland Italians.

Recall, if you will, that in that paper the authors noted that Italy in particular of European nations exhibits a lot of deep population structure.

Pair-wise FST statistics Northern and Southern Italy amounts approximately to 0.001 between, and around 0.002 between Northern Italy and Utah residents with Northern and Western European ancestry (CEU).

The Italian population also revealed a fine genetic substructure underscoring by the genomic inflation (Sardinia vs. CEU = 1.427), warning against confounding effects of hidden relatedness and population substructure in association studies.100,000, if you are looking at intra-national differences.

Until recently I was moderately skeptical of the utility of Sardinian samples in the HGDP data set.

After all, it was an isolated island, and perhaps subject to peculiarities of low effective population size.

Naturally they also took in the HGDP and Hap Map Italians.

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