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And it seems our seas are full of them; latest figures estimate the waters around Ireland and Britain are teeming with up to 10 billion of the long-tailed shellfish.

Numbers are so low that conservationists do not recommend wild Atlantic salmon as a food.There are booms and there are downs and there is no way of regulating it.“Some people may say that it’s bonanza time and that fellas who are no longer catching cod can walk in off the street and catch prawns.Historically, because the UK has a much bigger population and the market is more established, the EU has allowed much bigger British quotas.Paul Younger, MD of Clanawley Kilmore International, based in Wexford’s Kilmore Quay and with a facility in Scotland, says there is a UK boom – but it may not last.

Frank Stride, manager of the Fishermens’ Cooperative at Mallaig in Inverness- shire, said demand was outstripping supply.

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