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Mrs Reeves accused Mrs Morgan of being 'a lying piece of trash' in what school authorities have described as 'fodder for a soap opera serial'.

According to school's case 'the facts in issue are the fodder for a soap opera serial, not a cause of action in a court of law'.

Johnson has published two previous books - a collection of fiction, "The Joy of Deception and Other Stories," and "A Trip Through Downer Minnesota." Both were published through Lamar University's publishing house, the Lamar University Literary Press, but "Single in Southeast Texas" is Johnson's first book to be published by Golden Antelope Press, a Missouri company.

Paige's journey through the book takes the form of vignettes, with each chapter named after a different man.

What sets "Single in Southeast Texas" apart is the dialogue.

"You try to make the dialogue sound natural," Johnson said. You end up doing a lot of listening when you write." Johnson also tackles the foibles of moving to Beaumont from Minnesota, including racial tensions, the high rate of gun ownership and the dating pool in a small city.

The wife of a Texas school principal branded his mistress a 'whore' and claimed she would 'hire a hitman' if she could afford it just days before he killed himself when confronted about the affair by school authorities.

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