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Maxwell Ancestry have just published Selkirk Prison Index 1828-1840 (284 entries) at £4.99 plus postage.

This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. For what particular reason a piece of Digitized by Google HISTORY OF GALASHIELS. Previous to the trial the culprits absconded, and when the case was called in the High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh, on the 2ist November, 1831, they failed to appear, and the Solicitor-General moved for fugitation and forfeiture of the bail bonds. The following description of it applies to the olden time, when the Stewart line sat upon the Scottish throne. This culminated in a mob march- ing to his house in Sharp Street (now Market Street), and, as he declined their invitation to come out and be 'Mook'd'' in the mill dam, which then ran open past the end of the street, they broke his window with stones, while one of the party lifted the *'clog*' which lay at the side of the door, and, dashing it against the framework, carried the whole window into the middle of the floor. Sanderson, ' Flag of Dyers' Corporation, Manufacturers, — H. Its greatest length extended from Buckholmhill to Ettrick Pen, and its widest part lay between the source of Caddon water and the neighbourhood of Ashkirk. In consequence of the Baron Bailie's man, Robert Howden, being concerned in the apprehension of the prisoners, public feeling ran high against him. These tacks were for a limited period, but were usually granted to the same family, who were thus described in some of the old feu charters, — ** Thay and their forbeiris hed been auld and kyndlie possessours and few rentallaris past memorie of man.'* The village of Galashiels in those days would, in all proba- bility, consist of a cluster of rude cottages, having no importance, consequently almost nothing is recorded in history concerning it. The cautioners for Clapperton were Robert Weir, surgeon; George Simpson, teacher; and William Gill, manufacturer. Lindean Kirkyard, Parish Ministers, — Dr Douglas, Dr Paterson, Dr Veitch, Dr Phin, Dr Gloag, Abbotsford in 1812, Dissenting Ministers, — Dr Blair, J. After the forfeiture of the Douglases in 1445, the family continued kindly tenants under the Crown till 1566, when Queen Mary granted them the lands in feu. In the meantime the prisoners were liberated, bail being fixed at ;^6o each.

In this connection the names of Mr Nenion Elliot, S. On the 5th June following, Robert Hoppringill of Blyndley and five others found the laird of Torwoodlee as surety that they would underlie the law at the next aire of Selkirk for the same offence, and also for keeping the house of Bukhame, belonging to James Hoppringill of Tynnes, and II Digitized by Google i^ HISTORY OF GALASHIELS. When the time of the trial arrived, they failed to appear, and their lands were granted to the said James Hoppringill. Other two carriages now came upon the scene, containing James Pringle of Torwoodlee and Archibald Gibson of Ladhope, who, also on account of their political principles, were abused, but not to such an extent.

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