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Sabbath's Theater (1995) may have Roth's most lecherous protagonist, Mickey Sabbath, a disgraced former puppeteer; it won his second National Book Award.In complete contrast, American Pastoral (1997), the first volume of his so-called second Zuckerman trilogy, focuses on the life of virtuous Newark star athlete Swede Levov, and the tragedy that befalls him when Levov's teenage daughter becomes a domestic terrorist during the late 1960s; it won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.Exit Ghost, which again features Nathan Zuckerman, was released in October 2007. Indignation, Roth's 29th book, was published on September 16, 2008.Set in 1951, during the Korean War, it follows Marcus Messner's departure from Newark to Ohio's Winesburg College, where he begins his sophomore year.A post-operative breakdown mentioned in the pseudo-confessional novel Operation Shylock (1993) and others (It was subsequently discovered that unfavorable studies had been suppressed by triazolam's manufacturer, Upjohn, which showed the drug carried a high risk of causing short-term psychiatric disturbance. It's all a big lie", and "It's not a neurotic thing, but the miserable record of religion—I don't even want to talk about it.He also said during an interview to The Guardian: "I'm exactly the opposite of religious, I'm anti-religious. It's not interesting to talk about the sheep referred to as believers. It's filled with fear and loneliness and anxiety—and I never needed religion to save me." In 1990, Roth married his longtime companion, English actress Claire Bloom.

In 2001, in Prague, Roth received the inaugural Franz Kafka Prize.

Roth's work first appeared in print in Chicago Review when he was studying, and later teaching, at the University of Chicago.

His first book, Goodbye, Columbus and Five Short Stories, won the National Book Award in 1960, and afterwards he published two novels, Letting Go and When She Was Good.

I Married a Communist (1998) focuses on the Mc Carthy era.

The Human Stain examines identity politics in 1990s America. negotiates an understanding with Hitler's Nazi Germany and embarks on its own program of anti-Semitism.

By the end of the decade Roth had created his alter ego Nathan Zuckerman.

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