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Boyd said he did not expect Amazon to look any less favorably upon metro regions such as Philadelphia that submitted multiple bids.

“Amazon can walk and chew gum at the same time,” he said.

Philadelphia and some of its neighbors are among 238 cities and regions across North America that are bidding to become home to Amazon’s planned second headquarters campus, according to a tally posted on the company’s website Monday. states (Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Arkansas), according to an accompanying map.

Proposals to host Inc.’s new corporate home came from 54 states, provinces, districts, and territories across the continent, it said. The tally was released four days after Amazon’s Oct.

John Boyd, a Princeton-based location consultant, said the large volume of applications received by Amazon is a result of many bids coming from single metropolitan areas, such as the Philadelphia region.

Boston and its near neighbors in Massachusetts and elsewhere in New England also submitted separate pitches, as did municipalities in the New York City metro and San Francisco Bay areas.

Philadelphia’s pitch revolves around the Schuylkill Yards and u City Square developments in West Philadelphia, and South Philadelphia’s Navy Yard.

Camden County has a Delaware River waterfront site in mind for the retail giant, and Delaware has proposed a block of properties along Wilmington’s South Market Street, a former steel mill in the New Castle County town of Claymont, and a business park in Fairfax.

Delaware County and Chester City, and Bensalem and Bristol Townships were also offering up stretches of their waterfronts for the retail behemoth.

Thus, when a seat in the Montana House opened up in the Silver Bow County-based 83rd District in 1976, Cooney threw his hat into the ring.

He modelled his campaign literature on Baucus' and campaigned door-to-door, which was unusual at the time.

The Montana Legislature is part-time and Cooney had supplemented it with other work: at his family's company until 1977 and then at the Montana Energy Research Development Institute from 1977 to 1979, all the while continuing to work as an Executive Assistant for Baucus, who had been elected to the U. He received permission from Baucus to run, though reluctantly, as Baucus did not want to lose him, so Cooney agreed to only campaign on evenings and weekends.

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