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This is an image I drew for my patrons on Patreon 2 months ago! For all of those who decide against staying updated on my works from now on: Thank you very much for supporting me so far! And for those who decide to tag along for this..serious kinda journey with me. I post a new fully colored image there every single month! ] Today I drew myself an icon for Twitter and Patreon! And the reason to why I've stopped posting almost anything here for a looong time. It's about two best friends, Maru and Ren being separated for 2 years due to Maru's parent moving away from town due to work....[ Continued ... I'll be mostly active over on webtoons from now on. So it's time for me to actually start chasing that dream. I'll also begin posting my comic diary, probably on webtoons as a webcomic very soon aswell! If you wanna keep in touch with me when I become less active here! This is pretty much what this comic is gonna be about. So it plays around with tropes related to gender and swapping it etc. title_no=87009 You can read the comic for free on Webtoons! Wednesday and Friday as the promo part is done with! This happened when he was quite young - he's 16 weeks now and we're mix feeding.

I'm actually working on both said comics at the moment! WHILE I DIDNT REALLY LEAVE....-I kept checking in, in hopes of commwents to reply to- But! Cerebell ended up being the star of the sweetness, cuddling it up with two of his past lovers. Other: his ability includes squirting acidic wine and explosive grapes.If your a ghost, the attack will be very strong and the defense will be weak. The first month was Maru, from my currently running webcomic Clownfish Twister You can check it out here! Second month was a horrifyingly lewd image of Pain.

Mine feels like pins and needles or sometimes a warm sensation followed by a little painful pulling sensation sorry bad description I know.

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