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There was no child between his wife Akane and poor, but he thought he was happy.One day, a rumor from a friend of his school days to Koji began to shake Yosuke’s heart. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: There is a street of fairies near the Tokyo Sumida River.

An enterprising college student agrees to run his professor's Las Vegas car wash to avoid flunking out of school.(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Nouisa Kosaku who operates a small private hospital.It was a good doctor get the trust of patients in one body, and Manda died of a sudden illness..I have only my father and my brother Ayako in his old home in a long time. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Dad, mom, Aiko, and younger brother show.In fact, Aiko was abandoned in front of the house and adopted, but these four were happy and happy families.

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